Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th May 2018

Raising awareness of, and money for, the restoration, extension and maintenance of the Ashby Canal


It really wouldn't be a canal festival without boats on the water...  The Moira Canal Festival is held on the isolated section of the Ashby Canal between Donisthorpe and Moira.  This means that the festival is accessible to trailable boats of ALL descriptions.  The more the merrier!

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Would YOU like to come along to the festival in 2018?

You will have ample time to cruise the length of the isolated section or just soak up the festival atmosphere.  The choice is yours!  There is free parking available for trailers, access to waste disposal and water, and slipway access available at Conkers Waterside.

For more information, please get in touch via our contacts page.

Boats visiting in 2017:


Waterloo Sunrise (Sea Otter)

Olive (Wilderness Beaver)

Y Knot (Wilderness Beaver)

Helter Skelter (Caraboat)

Beehive (Wilderness Beaver)

Puddleduck (Mallard)

Nutcracker (Fairline 20)

Mini Me (Wilderness Beaver)

Norwood - T (Cara Cruiser)

5-Amp (Sea Hopper)

Maude-Again (Self built)

Tophyl of Taunton (Wilderness Beaver)

Haricot (Wilderness 23)

Sloe (Wilderness Otter)

Markie (Winkle Brig)

Grey Owl (Wilderness Beaver)

Ebb 'n' Flow (Hypozamatic Folding Cruiser)

Bobbles (Wilderness Beaver)

Annie Rose (Wilderness Beaver)

Arwyn (Wilderness Beaver)

Misty (Wilderness Beaver)

Kes (Dinghy)

Toad Hall (Wilderness)

Wagtail X (Inflatable boat with outboard engine)

Mariee II ( Nomad)

Rubato (Wilderness Beaver)

Dino (Sea Otter)

Prinsesse Estrith (Viking 23 Cruiser)

Matchbox (Wilderness Beaver-Cub)

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